Faith-based music planned for release later this month, singing in the snow, and honouring the volunteer efforts of Canadians set the agenda for good news this week.


Faith-based pandemic album coming from Harry Connick Jr. in March

Harry Connick Jr. is set to release a new faith-based album next month.

The Grammy-winning instrumentalist and singer used his time in quarantine during the pandemic to put together his new album, Alone With My Faith.

All songs were written and arranged by Connick, who also played every instrument and sang every part on the album.

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Film depicting life of influential Christian author coming this year

A new drama based on the lives of prominent Christian author C.S. Lewis is coming to a screen near you.

The film will depict the life of Lewis, author of faith-based books like The Chronicles of Narnia series, Mere Christianity, and The Screwtape Letters, and show his journey from atheism to Christianity.

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Local grandpa receives confirmation of Guinness World Record

Arvid Loewen is excitedly receiving the official Guinness World Record for the longest distance cycled in a month, all to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

Loewen cycled 11,617.99 km during the month of July in 2020 and seven months later he received confirmation that he is indeed the record holder.

"Yesterday I got the email from Guinness that the data we had collected during the month of July when I attempted to ride the farthest distance cycled in one month by a male, they approved it."

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Jordan St.Cyr releases new single on letting God fight our battles

'Be My Defender' is the new single being released by five-time Covenant Award winner Jordan St.Cyr, in response to an awful month his family had.

"This song was the first song I wrote after we heard about Emery's diagnosis," says Christian artist Jordan St.Cyr. 

St. Cyr's youngest daughter Emery was diagnosed with a rare condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome when she was 6 months old. 

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World's Longest Hockey Game melts hearts in extreme cold for cancer research

rost-bitten toes and cracked pucks may not have been what a group of Canadians initially signed on for, but $1.8 million and counting later, they are sure glad they did.

Every three years, a group of people in Alberta get together to break hockey records during the World's Longest Hockey Game in the name of fighting cancer. 2021 may have brought the players challenges thanks to a world-wide pandemic and temperatures reaching as low as -54 degrees, but from the moment the puck first hit the ice, it was game on.

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'One Step Closer Bible' by Candace Cameron Bure hits bestseller list

Hollywood actress and outspoken Christian Candace Cameron Bure's new version of the Bible is quickly climbing to the top and has already sold out once. 

The lead actress on Fuller House only released the One Step Closer Bible four days ago, yet it is already No. 1 on Amazon's Christian Faith books category. 

"I’m freaking out excited that so many of you want to read God’s word, dig deeper and know His truth. God’s word will never return void. Isaiah 55:11 Go God!!!" Bure shares on her Instagram.

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Co-creator of VeggieTales announces kickstarter for new TV series

The voice of Larry the Cucumber, Mike Nawrocki, has a professional team in place to launch a new kids TV series, but one thing missing is the funds. 

The new Christian animated series is called The Dead Sea Squirrels based on a book series Nawrocki wrote. 

"It's been a longtime dream of mine to bring this series to life," says Nawrocki. 

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'Dancing Gabe' being awarded Honorary Diploma from Red River College

Manitoba's top sporting fan is learning he has fans of his own with his latest achievement.

Gabriel Langlois (Dancing Gabe) will be honoured on Tuesday at Red River College's (RRC) Winter Convocation, receiving an Honorary Diploma in Community Development.

"When Red River College received his nomination, it included letters of support from leaders across Manitoba, which reinforced his devotion to volunteerism and the positive impact that he continues to have on our communities," President Fred Meier says. "While ‘Dancing Gabe’ may be Manitoba’s number one fan, there is certainly an entire community of us who are fans of the contributions he makes to our province every day.”

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The show must go on: School choir heads outdoors to keep singing

A school choir in southern Manitoba isn't letting winter or COVID-19 get in the way of their joy for singing.

The choir director at Mennonite Collegiate Institute (MCI), Christina Banman, says for a while at the beginning of code red, students were still in the classroom. However, the new restrictions meant that students could only hum to prevent air droplets from spreading in the room.

Frustrated with the limitations and the fact that a choir isn't much of a choir without singing, the students suggested the dress warm and begin going outdoors to practice.

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For residents of North Kildonan, the hunt for fun is on

The North Kildonan Scavenger Hunt is a fun way for families in the area to get outside and active during the upcoming winter months. 

Tammy Harper is the President of Gateway Recreation Centre in the North Kildonan area of Winnipeg. 

"Our councillor Jeff Browaty had this idea and he kind of brought it to us before Christmas. We applied for the Wellness Grant and were successful. We've basically trying to find some way to get people out and active and doing things with everything being closed, in a way that was safe," says Harper.

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WATCH: New music video from TobyMac coming Friday morning

Something new is on the way for TobyMac fans, as the musician is set to premiere a brand new music video at 11 a.m. CST on Friday.

The new video for his single 'Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)' will premiere on YouTube, which you can watch below.

The single just dropped at midnight, and Toby has been fairly tight-lipped about the video. However screenshots he shared show three actors dressed as guardian angels that feature prominently in the storyline.

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Northern Lights painting Manitoban skies

After being gone for a few years, a storm chasing expert says the Northern Lights are lighting up the sky once again.

Jordan Carruthers is the Founder of Manitoba Storm Chasers. Normally he focuses on chasing tornados and nasty weather in the summer months but this winter, as the Northern Lights have returned, he is adding to his work and services. 

"In the summer months, I spend my time chasing severe weather across Canada and the USA."

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Pastor sharing vibrant history of Black churches in Winnipeg

Black churches are thriving in Winnipeg, demonstrating strength in their communities.

The Black church community is and always has been a tight-knit worship community. Pastor Calvert Layne is sharing a brief history of how the community began close to one hundred years ago as people began moving to Manitoba from the East coast after their families found refuge using the underground railroad from slavery.

"I think we have to go back almost 100 years," Layne says. "They came because of the railway, because they were working here on the railway, and many of them settled here in Winnipeg."

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WATCH LIVE: The Color putting on FREE worship event Thursday at 7 p.m.

Canadian band The Color is giving their fans a chance to worship together online Thursday evening.

The band has been performing a series of concerts online called "Past | Present | Future" with each event taking a special look at the music for a certain stage in the band's life. People had been buying tickets for the previous concerts, but the band says that they want to give back and bring people together during this time.

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First Nations in Manitoba receiving 30,000 masks

The Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs alongside the Children’s Hospital Foundation are supplying 30,000 masks to First Nations in Manitoba to help protect them against the coronavirus.

AMC and CHFM are partnering together to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Manitoba's First Nations communities. They are also making masks available to all children visiting the HSC Children’s Hospital Emergency Department.

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CHVN listeners remember Carman's legacy of music and faith

After hearing news of Christian singer Carman's passing, CHVN listeners are eager to share their memories of attending Carman concerts.

The Gospel Music Hall of Fame member Carman died in a Las Vegas hospital on February 16, 2021, at the age of 65. He had a 50-year music career and impacted many lives with his Christian hits. 

Rochelle Ginters went to two Carman concerts, one in 1995 and the other in 1999.

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Province honouring 150 Manitobans for outstanding volunteer efforts

People from across the province of all ages will be receiving a unique award for their dedication to their communities.

From Emerson to Gillam, 150 Manitobanhave been selected to be recognized as part of Honour 150.

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Aiming to encourage and equip leaders at Awesome KidMin Conference

This year's Kid's Ministry Conference is aiming to keep ministry leaders anchored to Christ, the source of true strength.

Heidi Schartner is a part of the planning team for the conference. 

"When I first started my role as children's ministry leader I wasn't quite sure of all the resources available to make my work there as meaningful as possible. Someone mentioned this conference to me and I'm so thankful I checked this out."

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Read-a-thon back for MS Society

In the month of February, the Multiple Sclerosis Society is having an MS read-a-thon to encourage children to read, while at the same time raising money for MS society.

2021 marks the first in many years that the MS society has had a Read-a-thon.

"The MS Society did the read-a-thon way back in the day, they did it decades ago, it used to be a big fundraiser," says MS advocate Lori Kemp. "They haven’t done it in a number of years, but they have decided to bring it back this year."

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Christian artist says 'power of music' felt in worship

A worship leader and Christian hip/hop artist from B.C. says there's power in the music people listen to, especially in connection with their mood.

Paul Hernandez is the worship leader at More Than 12 church in Vancouver, B.C.

"I've been involved in the music industry for 12 years. I started rapping in church as it's where I found God's gifting, He showed me," he says. 

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Siloam: 'We believe that we can enhance our Christianity'

Following a week of shakeups, Siloam Mission's newest new Chair of the Board says the organization has "a lot to learn."

Last week, Jim Bell and Siloam parted ways after Not My Siloam, a group of former employees, and supporters of the mission brought forward allegations that the mission was preventing Indigenous cultural activity and programming.

The new Chair of the Board, Garth Manness, says the board has been trying to identify "what is it that we do need to do" and "what is the right thing to do here with respect to our patrons to move to the point of the potential to heal." 

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