Kelly Wiens is releasing a new single 'Glory to God' that was inspired during an outreach event. 

"I was inspired to write this song in a prayer meeting with a bunch of intercessors, mostly from Saskatchewan, where I came from," says Wiens. "It really comes out of the apostle Paul's prayer in Ephesians 3:20-21."

A friend of Wiens' planned an event at Sasktel Place in Saskatoon last June. 

"When we did the big outreach event, really the first of its kind since Billy Graham preached in Sasktel place 30 years earlier, many people responded to the gospel, came to Christ, and even were baptized." 

Leading up to the event Disciple a City led by Adam Shepski and Sean Cruikshank with E3 another evangelism ministry was running evangelistic trainings, in which Wiens led worship in the mornings. Then the group would use what they learned in outreach, sharing the gospel in the evenings in the city.

During the three-day event where George Canyon also played on stage before Tyrelle Smith shared the gospel, 6,000 people showed up on Saturday night. This stirred something in Wiens, inspiring him to write 'Glory to God' along with another single he'll be releasing next month. 

"My heart is that the song would encourage people to pray."