Lauren Daigle changed things up during her recent tour, stopping to sing and speak to incarcerated women in Oklahoma.

"People always say 'Where's your favourite place to go?' and I say, 'places you'd never know. Prison,'" says Daigle in a recent video on social media. 

Over 300 women inmates at Eddie Warrior Correctional Center in Oklahoma danced, sang, and cried as Daigle sang a few songs of hers and shared a message of hope. 

"We're always wanting to be rescued, like, someone get us out of here," says one woman serving time. "But at the end of the day, it's God."

Prison Fellowship is an American ministry that seeks to restore those affected by crime and incarceration.

"When you go into prisons and sing, that's when you get that true sense of freedom," says Daigle. "These women have experienced things that have gotten them places but they've actually received what true freedom feels like. The sound that comes out of that is palpable. Getting to see their faces filled with joy, kindness, excitement, and to know their lives have been touched by the Lord, it's the most powerful thing."