Winnipeg School Division (WSD) students and storytellers connected today to celebrate the finale of the Everybody has the Right (EHTR) program.

Students at WSD and International Storytelling Festival participants are connecting and sharing their stories at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Students are making and combining puzzle pieces, or story circles, representing both individuality and connectivity. They're also learning about oral storytelling and how Indigenous children are traditionally taught.

WSD art consultant Joe Halas said it's part of a multi-year human rights program.

"We come together to do these group events, and today's focus was on the oral tradition of storytelling," Halas said. "We combined it with an art piece."

Grade 6 student Caleb Pereira was one of the kids in attendance and had to put together one of the puzzles.

"[The puzzle was about] fighting [for the same thing] but there can be equal outcomes to it," Pereira said about his puzzle.

Pereira said his favorite part of the event was meeting new people and hearing different stories.