We're expecting 5cm of snow tonight, but most of the snow that landed in Winnipeg this December has been cleared from the streets. So why are the plows still out?

The heavy snow has been cleared, but snow plows continue to clear specific areas of the city. We talked to Jim Berezowsky from the City of Winnipeg about the current slow clearing situation.

"Right now what we have is a continuation of our sidewalk clearing services that is in our residential neighborhoods and that will continue on for the next few days. Additionally, with that, we are performing some spot maintenance plowing of curb lanes and at intersections that assist in creating further snow storage for future snow events."

"[The City] is focused on priority locations," Jim said when asked about where they are clearing first. "First, our high piles that are located on our regional and collector bus routes networks, which is our priority one and two streets...that is our first focus." This includes relocating snow from the corners of high priority streets towards the middle of the street where it won't affect visibility. The amount of snow currently at corners of priority locations makes it difficult to haul away.

"High piles usually are gone when summer approaches," Jim joked when asked when the piles at the corners of residential streets would be cleared. If the snow continues the way it did in December, we will see a lot more corner piles as the City of Winnipeg does it's best to clear main routes.