Could the deep freeze finally be over? We have Hawaii to thank for that.

You may have heard of the Pineapple Express, a weather system scheduled to reach Winnipeg over the next few days. You may not, however, know what it is. "The Pineapple Express is the persistent flow of tropical, moisture-laden air originating near the Hawaiian islands," CMOS Accredited Weathercaster Chris Sumner told us. "This air travels to the west coast of North America. The air masses ride the jet stream and are typically associated with stormy weather."

The weather system could bring some relief to Winnipeggers who are getting a little tired of the cold weather. As Chris Sumner explains, "There is some early indication that it might be partially responsible for a significant warm up at the end of this week. Now after these air masses dump all their moisture on the west coast and in the Rockie Mountains, when they rush down the leeward side and onto the North American plains and prairies, they reach us as a chinook."

According to Environment Canada, the daytime high on Saturday and Sunday is expected to reach -7. That is warmer than "the normal daytime high in January in that -12 to -13 range."

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