With all the snowstorms that have hit Manitoba over the past month, it might be difficult to clean all the snow and ice off your car.

But Winnipeg police say it's worth it to keep you and other drivers safe over the winter.

Not only that, but if you have a significant amount of snow on your car, you could receive a ticket between $200 and $265.

This comes after police gave a man a $240 ticket last week for having a few inches of snow on his van's roof.

Constable Jason Michalyshen says the point is, snow build up is hazardous for you and everyone around you.

"As the vehicle accelerates it could create a lot of blowing snow, chunks of snow could come off, it could it other vehicles, it could hit anyone on the roadway and cause a hazard," he says.

"We need to make sure that the snow is completely cleared from the front windshield, the rear windshield, so that we have unobstructed view so that we can see vehicles in front of us, behind us, on either side of us."

Michalyshen also says you should make sure snow isn't blocking your license plate, headlights or brake lights and adds you can also receive a ticket for those things.