A Winnipeg-based singer/songwriter has been recognized for his suicide prevention work and constant effort to help young people through tough times.

For the past 10 years, Robb Nash and his band have been touring schools and prisons across North America to bring a message of hope to students and inmates who may be contemplating suicide.

When he was young, Nash was in a crash that left him with serious injuries. His physical state left emotional scars, but he developed a new outlook on life. Now, he just wants to help others who find themselves in a dark place.

Early last year, Nash took the names of 120 people that handed him their suicide notes and got them tattooed on his arm. The act received international attention.

For all of his work, the Washington Post has named Nash one of the 11 most inspiring people of 2016 after profiling him here. You can check out the full list here.

Nash says he was both excited and surprised to see he made the list.

"I don't really feel like we're doing anything that crazy," he says. "We're just following the promptings that we have in our hearts. So, when I find out that we're listed as top 11 most inspiring people, I think, 'man, I hope there's more people doing greater things than we're doing out there,' because I think we all have promptings in our hearts to do good things and I hope more people are inspired to do that."

For more information on Nash's history and what the events his band holds are like, visit RobbNash.com.

-with files from SteinbachOnline.com