It's been a nice break from the bitter cold and snow, and it looks like it's not ending anytime soon.

When the warm weather first arrived it was thought that normal winter temperatures would arrive again this weekend. However, Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society accredited weathercaster, Chris Sumner, tells us that we're in for an extended break.

"To put some perspective on this for Winnipeg, and much of southern Manitoba, an average daytime high would be around -12, while an average overnight low would be around -23. Frankly, on both ends of the spectrum, we have been significatnly above average for almost 10 days now when we look back to last week. So we're expecting temperatures to still have in that -3 to -8 range now until mid-next-week or even late next week. There is some suggestion that it could be the first weekend of February before we actually see a return to average daytime highs."

It's good news after seeing weeks of extreme windchill warnings, and record setting snowfall.

"As for winter storms, right now there really isn't any indication on the long range models that would suggest a significant winter storm for Winnipeg or southern Manitoba," Sumner said. He was also quick to remind us that on the prairies that can change quickly, "but as it stands right now, we have above average temperatures, and a good dose of sunshine starting Thursday for a number of days, and no winter storms on the horizon."

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