A Winnipeg ministry is releasing their annual update video, showing that even though violence has been growing, so has the hope that they share. 

"It's simple. Jesus Christ is the answer," says Martin Chidwick, the Development Manager at Union Gospel Mission (UGM) of their new video update and the message behind it. "He's the answer to addictions, He's the answer to our hurt and pain, our poverty and destitution, and He provides the way to eternal life through Him."

The video is called 'Oaks of Righteousness' and shows how lives are impacted by the gospel in Winnipeg. 

"It starts with one gentleman who had left the program and we didn't know where he'd gone. I was on route to Portage la Prairie, praying for him. I was with my wife. We drove down the backstreets and low and behold was this same individual on a bicycle coming towards us. We were able to reconnect and he was blown away that Jesus loves him."

One section of the video shows kids attending Valley View Bible camp this summer.

"Many of the testimonies just give glory to Jesus. We have one wonderful old guy who always says Isaiah 48:11, 'My glory I share with none other.' He was a constant reminder to me that we don't claim anything, it's all about Jesus. We just want to get out of his way."

People who watch the video, then donate to UGM with the keyword 'video' will have their donations doubled by a generous sponsor. 

"It's difficult times [at UGM]. There are more addictions on the street, there's more need, there's more palpable violence and outrage," says Chidwick. 

Recently the UGM building had some damage done to it.

"Oftentimes in the afternoon at the Drop-In we'll get somebody abusive, somebody shouting and screaming, throwing things around. It's probably 70 per cent women doing that. I walked in here Monday morning and our front doors had been kicked open by a violent man on crystal meth. One of our guys was thrown into a glass window outside our little office. There's some tough stuff these days and it's increasing."

They are working on fixing broken windows and doors at the moment. 

"That's a building, that's not human beings. Inside we have Jesus in our hearts and we can't lose. Whatever happens to us, we can't lose."

Donations are helpful for the ministry, as well as prayers.

"Every dollar that is donated and included up until November 13, [generous sponsors] are doubling your contribution. When people come with their hearts and say they are led to do this, then the least I can do is share this. Please, with respect to what they're doing, consider contributing. We praise the Lord for them and all your listeners as well."

Chidwick is asking people to pray over the hearts and minds of their community members. 

"Jesus is for real, and the battle is for real," he says.