Lecrae featuring for KING & COUNTRY release new hope-filled single

Grammy-winning artist Lecrae recently released a new single 'I Still Believe' featuring for KING & COUNTRY. 

The three Christian artists released the song 'Messengers' together a decade ago and now they've come together once more for this new single. 

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Local author explores prodigal parable in first book, focusing on heart of God

"I went back into my own life and I recognized how my heavenly Father has pursued me at every turn when I chose to turn away," says author Betty Sawatzky. "That for me was the greatest revelation when I was writing this book."

Sawatzky's first published work is titled I am the Prodigal, I am the Eldest

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How this Canadian artist praises God in hard moments

Canadian singer/songwriter, Emily Ruth is gearing up to release her new single, 'And Yet (I Will Praise)' on Mar. 8.

Writing music for others to hear was never the main goal for her. "I never expected anyone else to hear it, to be honest. It was all very much written as I'm processing my feelings and processing sorrow and waiting and feelings like that and just doing that with God."

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Faith overcomes grief: Mother speaks out after daughter murdered while jogging

The mother of a young woman who was tragically slain while out for a jog is giving Jesus all the glory for helping them get through this unimaginable loss. 

Last month, Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student in Georgia was found dead after going for a jog on campus. 

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From ladle to bowl: Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba's Stone Soup fundraiser aims to fill empty stomachs

The Child Nutrition Council of Manitoba is preparing to host its annual Stone Soup Week.  

This annual event is in support of meal and snack programs across the province. 

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Winnipeg firefighters campout on firehall rooftop for muscular dystrophy

Four Winnipeg firefighters will spend the next few days camping out on top of Station 4 in Osborne Village. 

It's all part of the 12th annual Firefighter Campout, an event hosted by the United Firefighters of Winnipeg and Muscular Dystrophy Canada to raise funds and awareness for the neuromuscular disease. 

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From fundamentalism brainwashing to following Jesus: How God transformed Carrie Sheffield's life

Carrie Sheffield's upbringing was anything but normal. She was the fifth of eight children with a violent, mentally ill, street musician father who thought he was a modern-day Mormon prophet destined to become U.S. president someday.

Growing up, Sheffield moved around a lot. They often lived like drifters, camping in sheds, tents and motorhomes. In her lifetime, Carrie attended a total of 17 public schools.

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Statistics Canada shares southeast Manitoba most generous area in Canada

New data from Statistics Canada shows that communities in southeastern Manitoba continue to trend above the national average when it comes to charitable donations.

Statistics Canada released data this week from the 2022 tax year. The median donation per tax filer in Canada that year was $380 and for Manitoba, it was $590. Both those averages are up from 2021. The median amount represents the middle point: half of the donors gave more than the median and the other half gave less. 

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Pastor forgives man after he crashes box truck into church building

A church in North Carolina is picking up the pieces after a half-tonne truck smashed into their building over the weekend. 

Although no one was injured, the church building sustained significant damage. 

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Mack Brock talks life changes, foster parenting, music and minstry

Countless people sing his songs in churches every week around the globe, but few realize recording artist Mack Brock is the songwriter behind them.

Over the past few years, Brock has experienced plenty of changes in his career in ministry and music, but also in his family life. 

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Zach Williams releases second powerful ballad with iconic singer Dolly Parton

On the same day he's releasing a new album, Zach Williams is sharing a second powerful single with iconic country artist Dolly Parton. 

"You guessed it! The Queen, Dolly Parton and I are releasing another song," says Zach Williams on social media. "Hear her sing on a new version of 'Lookin’ For You' on the new Extended Edition of my A Hundred Highways album, coming out this Friday."

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Do you know who wrote your hymns? It's likely Fanny Crosby, the blind hymn writer

Francis Jane Crosby, A.K.A. Fanny Crosby was a prolific blind hymn writer of the 20th century having penned thousands of hymns. 

Crosby's life story is inspiring as she never let the fact that she was blind stop her from realizing her God-given potential. 

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