A mother from Saskatchewan is asking for prayer after her daughter was rushed to hospital Thursday evening. 

Bella Thomson was born with three rare conditions, has spent hundreds of days in the hospital and has had over two dozen surgeries.

Bella suffers from Hirschsprung disease, a bowel disorder that has necessitated several surgeries. Also, combined immunodeficiency and cartilage-hair hypoplasia has meant that Bella has spent the better part of her young life in and out of hospitals.

In August of last year, Thomson received a life-saving bowel transplant, something she had been waiting years for. 

"It still feels surreal to be on the other side of transplant and celebrate our brave girl as a solid organ transplant recipient," said Bella's mother, Kyla, after the transplant.

Bella returned home in December after spending almost four months recovering from her transplant. 

"Since having Bella, she's just strengthened my faith. I've grown a stronger craving for God because I know I need him whether things are easy or hard."


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Late last night, after being home for six months, Kyla took to Instagram to ask for prayer after being awoken by her husband calling out for help from Bella's room. 

"Her body was limp. She couldn’t open her eyes. We called 911," said Kyla. "We’ve never had to do that before. The four previous times Bella had gone septic or dealt with anything scary, she was already in a hospital or stable enough for us to drive her there before things went downhill."

Bella remains in Swift Current Cypress Regional Hospital awaiting results to find out what has caused her to become so unwell. 

"We’ll know more after the CT, but I needed to get this out, as I not only believe in the power of prayer, but I need to lessen the added stress of incoming emails and messages."

"It was hard to be brave today. Everything hurts. Holding my girl as she cried out, “I’m scared, I want to live, I don’t want to die, I want to go home.” Today broke me. It broke me in ways I didn’t think I had to face anymore."

Bella is currently stable, with more tests expected to be done today.