One of the seven ministries branching off of Union Gospel Mission is a learning centre that allows people to earn their grade 12 diploma for free. 

Nelson Gonzalez is the Principal at Faith Learning Centre, which is a ministry of Union Gospel Mission (UGM). 

"We work with adults who need education. We also share the gospel with them," says Gonzalez. 

Any adults who want to get their GED can take these courses from grades 9-12 for free through the learning centre. Students are required to do an assessment and interview which allows the centre to place them in a specific level of learning. 

"What a joy to see them receive him as Saviour. We are grateful to God that Jesus is saving souls, and all glory to Him and everything to Lord is accomplishing."

Students that are interested can take a course called Religion 41G, which expands on Biblical studies. 

"Jesus in the gospels requested a prayer. He said pray to the Father, who is the owner of the fields, that He send more labourers to the field because the harvest is too much and ready." 

This is what Gonzalez is seeing in the learning centre and says he is grateful for the community support in this endeavour. 

Listeners are invited to join in the 'Nobody but Jesus' radiothon in support of UGM on June 16 and 17 on CHVN 95.1 FM.