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A money routine is simply a plan for how you direct your money, every time you get paid. 
Your money routine will be different from my money routine, and mine will be different than the next person, but I do believe the same 3 things should be at the top of everyone's money routine. In recent weeks I've walked through #'s 2 & 3. Today, we move to the best first step of your money routine. 

Tip of the Week. 
Give some of your Money Away

Now, I think we both know that giving your money and your time away impacts the world positively. It can help a child get an education, or a struggling family get a meal. It can fund research to find cures for diseases, or can fund animal rescue shelters. The positive impacts giving can have are endless. 

It can be hard to give though. Money can be tight, and there are always things that we need. But when you create habit of putting a bit of money aside from every pay-check to give away and make the world a better place, it profoundly impacts you - the giver - as well. 

Firstly, it can help you and I get our minds and our hearts off of ourselves and our needs and turn that focus on others.  In many ways, this can be relieving and can help to decrease our stress. And there are so many other reasons. Check out this article that shares 5 ways research has shown that giving is good for you! It's worth the read. 

So, my tip for you today, for this Christmas Season, and for the upcoming year is: Give some of your Money Away.  It'll do good for the world and for your heart. 

Here is Your Money Routine Top 3.
Follow these 3 steps every time you get paid and you'll be consistently moving toward joy, future wealth, goals reached, and a life well-lived.

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