Even before the pandemic hit, Canadian singer/songwriter and worship leader, Rachelle Luk understood what isolation felt like. Her husband was diagnosed with chronic health issues that left them isolated from friends and family.

"He had chronic fatigue for several years and it changed our entire lives," Luk explains. "Actually, it limited our lives and restricted our lives in a way that is very, very similar to what everyone is experiencing now, except that at that time everyone else's life was going on as usual."

During that time, Rachelle had a lot of feelings and was processing them with God. This led her to inadvertently write a bunch of songs. 

"It was for my own sanity, just to wrestle with God through what we were going through and to express my doubts and confusion and pain," says Luk.

She says in return, God met her with hope, the truth of the Gospel and with the fact that he may not always remove the pain, but he always redeems the pain. 

Rachelle says she had no intentions of ever releasing the songs she wrote. That was until five years later when God told her to trust him and to share the songs with the world.

"By the time the pandemic had started, I was already partway through the production.  But because of the pandemic, I felt so much more of a sense of God's purpose for all of this," Rachelle explains.

Her new album, Even Now, is now available everywhere. 

Today on Connections, Rachelle talks about her latest album and the inspiration behind it. She also shares what led her into music and worship leading.