Manitoba is asking for input after spikes in camping reservations poked holes in the system.

The spring saw record-breaking numbers of people using the province's campsite reservation system, more than a 100 per cent increase from the year before. After the long wait times and technical difficulties, the province is asking for help.

"We are looking to make the process easier for campers and are seeking to validate our understanding of the suggestions received. We also need additional feedback on some potential program shifts that could assist campers booking vacations," Conservation and Climate Minister Sarah Guillemard says in a Tuesday statement.

She says they are looking to improve the system to make it easier for the short term as they replace the outdated system currently being used. 

“We have collected feedback from campers who encountered difficulties making reservations this year and in years past."

Releasing a survey, they want to know what people think would make it more reliable and fair. 

This summer's massive increase in demand had people waiting for hours, slowly watching their place in line move up. The first minute of reservations opening saw 12,825 devices logged in, and by the end of the three days of bookings, there were 72,845 bookings with the biggest uptick in demand on the third day with a 145 per cent increase over the year before.