A special investigation unit in the province is announcing that on February 13, they seized a record-breaking amount of contraband cigarettes from numerous retail locations.

Manitoba Finance’s Taxation Special Investigations Unit along with the Winnipeg Police Service seized 2,050,300 cigarettes, $93,230 in cash and two vehicles.

The province of Manitoba claims it is the largest single seizure of cigarettes in Manitoba's history. 

The province says the cigarettes were not marked for Manitoba tax purposes. Manitoba Finance claims if the cigarettes had been sold, the province would have lost $615,090 in taxes.

Two males and one female, all from Winnipeg, are now facing numerous charges. Two of the individuals could face a potential quadruple tax penalty of $2,460,360, prison time, and the suspension of their driver licenses due to previous convictions.

The third is believes to be a first-time offender and could face up to six months in prison and $10,000 in fines.