A new cookbook promises to bring the summer camp feeling to your home or to a large group at church.

Over the last six years, Sharon Steward and her family have served at Pioneer Camp Manitoba all summer. Having graduated from Culinary Arts at Red River College and being an instructor, Steward knew she would end up in the kitchen.

She also wanted to engage the broader community in a different way.

"I decided to dive into a project that could be a useful tool for [a camp] to display our ministry in a different way than normal," Steward explained.

She had always wanted to write a cookbook as a professional chef, so she decided to do that, but with a summer camp twist.

"I often have people to ask for recipes," Steward laughed.

The Volume Cookbook is being launched this Saturday and it features 50 recipes that are used at the camp. It's unique because each recipe offers amounts for four to six people, as well as for 80 or more.

Steward says they are hoping this can be used by many types of cooks, including parents at home, volunteers at the church, or for large gatherings at community centres. She also thinks that other summer camps can benefit from it.

"We're very excited that we can reach beyond our normal community," Steward said.

The cookbook not just filled with recipes, but also beautiful photos and stories explaining the feelings that happen at summer camp.

"I wanted to be able to portray the life of camp," Steward said. "It is its own living being."

The back of the book contains practical tips for serving crowds, shopping, and making food lists. The cookbook is also organized into menu's, so you don't have to figure out what you should pair with a particular entree.

Steward says that of the 5000 currently ordered, they are holding 1000 to give out and help those who need it. The rest will be available at Hull's in Winnipeg and Steinbach in the near future. All proceeds go directly to Pioneer Camp Manitoba.

The Volume Cookbook launches this Saturday, December 2 at 7:00 p.m. The event is at the McNally Robinson Bookseller in the Grant Park Mall.