It started as a project for Canada's 150th Anniversary, and has now grown to much more.

Earlier this year, a group of students from Tec Voc High School, together with their music teacher, Jerry Semchyshyn, decided to create a multilingual version of O Canada.

"We started with English, Cree and Ojibway. Then we decided to add French and Tagalog, because of the huge Filipino population we have in our school." Semchyshyn said.
The school began playing the song during their opening announcements, other teachers within the division heard it and asked to play it at their school.

Savanna Spence played percussion for the song. She says she was surprised at how popular the song has become.

"It's really cool, because more people are being exposed to the different cultures in Canada."

There are now 20 schools in the Winnipeg School Division using it, and several other divisions are interested.

Bryce, who helped translate O Canada from English to Tagalog, says he was surprised at how far their version of O Canada has reached.

"I never expected the song to be this big. I feel really proud that many people have listened to it in different parts of Manitoba."

"I think it is very cool that other schools want to use our version of O Canada." said Damon, who was involved in the recording of the song.

It took a total of six weeks to complete the project.