One month after the Goertzen girls passed away, their aunt and uncle are sharing their hearts about the precious nature of life and the importance of faith.

"Hold on to your kids and be ready to let them go. This world doesn’t last forever. There is no time like now to be sure of what will happen after you die," says Chuck and Danea Lawrenson on a social media post. 

The Lawrenson couple has eight children and runs a family farm called Morning Sound Farm with tours near Sanford, Man. It was their farm that 17-year-old Sophie Goertzen and 15-year-old sister Acacia Goerzen were headed to, for their sister's wedding shower, when they were in a tragic collision and pronounced dead on the scene. 

"The last post I made was just over a month ago, and we were expecting a beautiful, full August. Three days later, on August 8th, my two nieces were instantly killed as they drove across a highway on their way to our place."

Duane and Sylvia Goertzen, the girl's parents, have four other daughters and are the directors of Roseau River Bible Camp. The whole family experienced a lot of support from the community including a GoFundMe page that brought in $69,000 within four days.

"Get into a community of people you really trust to support you selflessly. We have experienced the overwhelming love and support of Christian people during this month. If you are holding on to hurt because someone in the past has claimed to be a Christian and yet hasn’t acted like Jesus, now is not the time to hold onto that," says the Lawrenson's.

Chuck and Danea are encouraging people to enjoy the time God has given them on the earth. 

"Stop only talking about covid and politics and the weather and sports. Start conversations about things that really matter. Life is short. It is beautiful, it is hard and it is a gift. Please love each other."