We wear the poppy on Remembrance Day because they grew on battlefields at the end of World War One. Keeping them on can be a challenge though. Here are some ways to keep your poppy stuck to your shirt.

Old pencil eraser

According to CHVN listener Herta, using an eraser from a standard pencil is a really good way to keep it on.

"I'll rip that eraser off and stick that on the end of the pin," she suggested.

It's a great use for those pencils you have where the eraser is now useless.

Scotch tape

Take some scotch tape and wrap it around the end of the pin. That will keep the pin stuck in your lapel.

Back of an earring

Both Grace and Cindy called in to tell us about this great technique, which you can use as long as you have at least one pierced ear.

"You can put the rubber [backing] on them," Grace said.

The backing is typically clear as well, so it's a great option for a professional setting.

Bend the pin

This one requires a bit more effort, but you can bend the metal so that it catches before it falls. Be careful though, not just bending it, but also with the direction you're bending it. Try to fold it right around so the sharp end is pressed against the pin itself.


Any other suggestions? Email dj[at]chvnradio.com and let us know how you keep your poppy on.

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