We finally have a relief from the Colorado Lows & Alberta Clippers. However, it's only because an Arctic ridge of high pressure has moved on to the prairies, bringing with it extreme cold.

Environment Canada is reporting that many areas are reporting wind chills of -40 and colder, which has prompted them to declare an Extreme Cold Warning for these areas. The warning comes due to the elevated health risks associated with the extreme temperatures such as frost bite, and hypothermia. At -40 exposed skin freezes in about 10 minutes. 

At 4 am this morning some wind chills being reported were:

  • Winnipeg International Airport -42
  • Brandon - 42
  • Emerson - 40
  • Deerwood -40

The ten day forecast doesn't sound to be much better. You can listen to an interview with Environment Canada meteorologist, Terri Lang, here.

The current areas affected by Environment Canada warnings are shown below.