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Jane is a saver. She likes the guarantees. She doesn't want any risk of losing her money. 

The problem is in order to reach her retirement goal she'll either have to save a bit more money every month or earn a higher interest rate than the .5% she's currently earning at the bank; which of course means more risk.

Or does it? 

If you - like Jane - think that you need to invest and give up the guarantees to earn more than you're earning in your savings account, you're not alone.

But it is just not true. 

It is possible to earn a fairly competitive interest rate in a guaranteed savings tool. You just need to right savings tool. With the right savings tool, you could very well earn 4-6% annually. That is a pretty good return. 

In fact, it's a significantly higher return than Jon (from my previous blog) was getting in his mutual fund; an investment where he could lose his money. You can read all about Jon here.

If you'd like to learn how you can save AND earn competitive interest rates - creating a guaranteed retirement income for yourself - join us this Wednesday for our webinar. In 90 minutes or less you'll learn the 3 keys our clients use to grow their money. Keys you can implement easily too.

And we'll show you what Jane did to increased her savings pool from $385,000 to $600,000, all guaranteed, simply by switching her savings tool. 

See you then!

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