A community is rallying behind a young couple to get back on their feet after a house fire.

Steve Penner and Caitlin ‘Cait’ Mieyette lost all their belongings when a fire consumed their mobile home in Ile Des Chenes on Saturday. Only the couple’s pet dog was home at the time. A neighbour was able to let the dog out to safety.

Ritchot Deputy Fire Chief Paul Houle reports that they responded to the call just past 7 p.m. It took about three hours for an emergency crew of around 20 people to contain the blaze. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Mieyette’s sister Courtney set up an online fundraiser the following day to raise funds for them. With a goal of raising $5,000, the GoFundMe page amount sits at $6,125 as of 12:25 a.m. Wendesday

When reached for comment about the community’s response, she was overcome with emotion.

"I want to thank everyone for donating. You guys have blown us away with your generosity. Cait and Steve are doing good, considering the circumstances." Courtney says.

Courtney goes on to say that beyond the GoFundMe page, people have also been reaching out to her, eager to help in different ways.

"I've had some people contact me that they want to donate some clothing, so I’ve given them Cait’s and Steve’s sizes and shoes. And yeah, a lot of people have been wanting to help out, which is amazing.”

According to Courtney, the couple is currently staying with her parents. She says that Steve and Cait are still reeling from the turn of events, but are grateful to have survived and have the support of the community. She goes on to share that, “Neighbours of theirs have even offered for them to stay with them if need be. The community has come together and it's blown us all away!”



Written by Kris Ontong