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I think most of us can agree that having personal insurances policies are a good thing. 

Life Insurance offers your family financial stability should you pass away. 

Disability and Critical Illness Insurance offer you and your family financial stability should you get injured or diagnosed with a critical illness, and are unable to work and earn an income.

While each of these insurances costs a bit of money, they should have a place in your budget to protect your household finances. Plus, there are a number of ways to save some money on these policies. One of those ways happens to be today's financial tip!

Bundle Your Insurance Policies. 

Did you know that every insurance policy you have or will have has a policy fee attached to it? The policy fees vary among insurance companies but are usually between $4.00 and $5.00 a month. But, if you bundle your policies together, an adult couple could very easily save $15.00 a month. 

Let's assume you have enough disability insurance through your employer, and your household needs are Life and Critical Illness Insurance.

As an individual, if you bundle these together into one policy, you will only pay 1 policy fee instead of 2, saving yourself $5.00 a month. It may not sound like much but $5.00 a month over 10 years is $600 of savings. 

If you are a couple and each of you needs Life and Critical Illness Insurance, you can bundle all 4 together, paying only 1 policy fee instead of 4. This would save you up to $15.00 a month. That's $1,800 of policy savings over a 10 year period.

Now, in certain circumstances it is not advantageous to bundle your policies together, so be sure to ask your Independent Insurance Advisor when you are discussing your insurance needs together. They will be able to help you make the right call for you and your household. If you do not have an Independent Insurance Advisor, I'd be happy to help you figure out your needs. 

Bundle Your Insurance Policies...

And Save Money. 

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