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Promise Keepers Returning to Winnipeg

Have a man in your life that wants to become Stronger?  Promise Keepers returns to Winnipeg March 7-9 at the Church of the Rock.  Over the phone we talked with Rick Verkerk the National Manager of Events for Promise Keepers he gave us the low down how this event isn't meant to be the testosterone-drive-stereotypical-macho style event but rather an event directed and inclusive of all men and all things they are going through.

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To Lent or Not To Lent?

Recently you may have noticed an increasing amount of Evangelicals who are participating in Lent. With Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday just around the corner many people are once again asking, “What is Lent?” and, “Why should I take part?”  For those of you interested in Lent but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about here’s a small rundown.


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When I Stopped Looking Through My Husband

I'm quite convinced this is not an abnormal scene in America...

A husband arrives home from work to a wife making dinner, kids clamoring for his attention, lots of life and energy and chaos as happens in a home with children. The husband greets everyone and arrives at his wife, working in the kitchen, hoping to kiss her hello, only to receive a quick peck followed by, "I really have to get back to work on dinner. Can you take out the trash? And little Suzy needs to talk to you about what she did today..."

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Downtown Ministry Celebrates Drop-In Centre Renovations


Several dignitaries were on hand this morning to unveil a newly renovated drop-in facility at Siloam Mission.

Thanks to $1,130,330 in funding received through the City of Winnipeg's Homelessness Partnering Strategy, Siloam Mission was able to complete major renovations to the busiest section of their Princess Street location.

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Winnipeg Police Chief Devon Clunis on the Morning Refresh

Police Chief Devon Clunis began his career 27 years ago on the Winnipeg Police force and considered retiring after 25 years. However, God had other plans. We had the opportunity to sit down with Devon to talk about his youth, growing up, moving to Canada, and who were the instrumental people in his life that made such a difference.

Devon's story is unlike any other and that's why we asked him to join us on the Morning Refresh.  

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