2022 Spartan Dig Tournament All Star, 2023-24 Provincial Grad All Star, and Varsity Volleyball player at Linden Christian School, student Tomas Buhler is carving out his place in the athletic world.

Tomas has been playing volleyball since he was 12, attributing his success to raw family talent.

“A lot of people in my family have played,” he says. “My mom and my older sister played, so I’ve always been interested in the sport from a young age.”

In light of his success, though, Tomas has had to remind himself that he does it all for the Glory of God.

“I started feeling like volleyball was becoming who I was, and I wasn't doing it for God. I wasn't trying to glorify him when I was playing; I felt like I was all doing it for me. So, throughout the last portion of last year and this year, I've been focusing on not letting it get the best of me.”

He continues, “I am grateful for my rewards and success. But I try to not let myself get too prideful, because it's all through God that I'm able to play sports, and I've been gifted the ability and skills to excel in volleyball.”

Through volleyball, Tomas is able to fully express his faith. “Before most games, I pray,” he says. “A friend and I have this handshake we do. It's just a simple handshake. And then we point to the sky afterwards, just to acknowledge that it's all for God.”

Having close relationships on the court is also incredibly important for Tomas, as they serve as a reminder of his dedication.

“It’s a lot easier to live out your faith when there’s other people on the team with you. After a tough game, it’s nice to talk about the game and pray about it, knowing that you tried your best and that you glorified God while doing it.”

While it can be easy to lose yourself in the glory of the game and the success, Tomas knows that he’ll always find greatness, no matter the outcome, as long as he’s glorifying God and his faith.

Congratulations, Tomas!

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