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Danny Gokey on finding hope in his darkest moments

Danny Gokey married his high school sweetheart, Sophia on May 15, 2004. They had been together for 12 years-since 1997. In 2008, Sophia passed away from complications of a routine surgery for congenital heart disease-just 4 weeks before Danny's scheduled audition for American Idol. 


Have You Heard Jamie Grace's Story?

Jamie Grace was discovered by Toby Mac in 2010 after posting videos of herself singing on the Youtube. Now, her music is among the most popular that we play on the air. But do you know her story before she was discovered? 


Plugged In Movie Review: The Maze Runner

What happens when you add a little bit of amensia with stone walls that move to the Hunger Games? You get the movie that premieres this week called The Maze Runner but it is not exactly the most family friendly of features.


Hustle for Hunger With Agape Table

While driving around reporting traffic, I, Amy, stopped by Agape Table while they were serving a much needed breakfast to their patrons. You could help keep food on their tables with just a bit of exercise.


Are You Ready For The Color and Jamie Grace? Prepare Right Here.

Have you ever been to a concert thinking it would be a great time, but then realized you felt silly because you didn't know the words to the songs like everyone else?