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Stand For What You Believe In

Have you ever had to stand for what you believe in? This young man did, and he did it beautifully.


Big Crowds for Sunflower Fest's 50th Year

Four days of sunflower fun in Altona this past weekend for the 50th Annual Sunflower Festival. CHVN hung out in Altona's Centennial Park Saturday and Sunday for this exciting event.


Preachers of LA season 2 trailer highlights mercy and grace

When Preachers of LA was first announced by the Oxygen network it drew a lot of criticism from the Christian community including some prominent leaders like Rev. T.D. Jakes and Kirk Franklin. However despite the controversy, the first season drew over 1 million viewers and was the most watched freshman show in the Oxygen network's history.


Canadian musician needs your non-musical but still creative help!

Anyone who has met BC Christian musician and Juno nominated Fraser Campbell knows the guy is incredibly talented. It would not be uncommon for him to pick up an instrument he's never played before and within a few minutes playing it like someone who devoted their life to that craft. So when Fraser needs some help you can be assured it is not music-focused. 


Do You Doubt the Power of Prayer?

This young man's analogy may help you to better understand how prayer can transform your life.