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UPDATED List of Christmas Craft Sales!

Christmas craft sales have been around the city now for almost a month. But don't worry! If you haven't had the chance to go yet, there are still so many happening!

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From Everywhere to Bethlehem - This Weekend!

Every year in Winkler the EMMC takes over the Winkler Park and transforms it into what looks and feels like ancient Bethlehem. 

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A Real Tree, or Fake?

There's something to be said about the ease of an artificial Christmas tree, and just pulling it out, and then packing it away each year. But nothing beats the smell and look of a  fresh cut tree, too. What kind of tree do you have to have?

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Free Family Fun in Winnipeg This Weekend

There's plenty of options in Winnipeg this weekend to get your family in the Christmas spirit. Best of all, there's plenty of free options!

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What Do You Put At The Top Of Your Tree?

Welcome to December! By now many people have put up their tree for Christmas, which begs the question...

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