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15 ways to ask your kids how school was today

 Well, its that time of year again! For most Manitoba students, school begins this week. As a parent, there are so many things to think about... lunches to make, school supply lists to finish buying and to do lists to make.


7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker

Mr. Awesome and I went on a date and it wrecked our life. Our comfortable, predictable, coasting life. Ruined. 


Why Parents Need Take Their Kids To Their Local Firehall

This past Friday, my wife and little girl were on their way to the library. In the distance sirens blared and my little girl assured my wife that that was a fire truck. She also insisted that they go catch it. Considering they were on foot there was no way to even catch a glimpse of it so instead the peace offering to a disappointed child was to see if Daddy would take her to see the fire trucks later. The lesson I learned from going blew me away and it's one every parent should consider.


New Music Tuesday - Sept 2, 2014

The pick of the week this week in many ways has nothing to do with the music. It is just pretty. All Sons & Daughters re-releases their incredible self-titled album on a gorgeous white vinyl. How can you go wrong when the album itself looks so amazing.


Having a rough day today? This is for YOU!

Its Friday. Fridays are quite often very stressful. But that's not all. Its also the Friday before a long weekend. Are you stressed? Tired? Weary?