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30 years on, Winnipeger reflects on key role in 1983-1985 Ethiopian Famine

Recent surveys and word on the street will tell you that young people would leave if and when they get the chance. The rationale I've often heard is there's just nothing big or interesting already happening here.

Whether or not you like this place is a subjective conversation, in my opinion. But the truth, as it's become more revealed to me the more people I talk to, is that beneath the plain skin of winnipeg, inside its walls, under its sidewalks, and behind the open doors we've been misled to believe are closed, a life exists that stretches farther out into the globe than we can imagine on our own.


National House of Prayer responds to Ottawa shootings

Terrorist attacks hit close to home yesterday as one soldier was slain and many other people and officers were threatened when a fire fight brought out at parliment yesterday in Ottawa. The National House of Prayer is stationed in Ottawa and seeks to love and serve Members of Parliment through service and prayer and are hoping their words of hope can help direct a our nation's response.


Claude Pratte Returned From Ukraine

Claude Pratte, the Executive Director of Square One World Media, just returned from Ukraine with information, stories, and how we can pray.


10 Things that Friends Do Well

I want to talk about building a friendship today. But here's the thing, long-lasting friendships don't come easy. The best ones thrive when they're built on sacrifice.



Kayaking For the Kingdom: UPDATE!

Michael Doerksen embarked on a 1300 Kilometer Kayaking trip in September in hopes to fundraise $25,000 for kids in need.