Only a few weeks after suffering multiple seizures, Manitoba worship artist Jordan St.Cyr says his daughter is feeling much better.

"We know your prayers have made all the difference," St.Cyr said in an online post Tuesday.

The worship artist shared a video alongside a message to his followers thanking them for they're prayers and continued support of him and his family.

St.Cyr and wife, Heather, welcomed Emery into the world in November 2018. Recently, the infant was diagnosed with a rare condition called Sturge Weber Syndrome. The syndrome is characterized by a large facial birthmark which diverts blood away from part of Emery's brain.

The infant experienced two seizures earlier in May, something St.Cyr says was expected as part of their daughter's syndrome.

In the video, a smiley Emery can be seen letting out a cute giggle for the camera.

"Please keep Emery in your prayers, that she would keep getting stronger on her right side and continue moving towards health," St.Cyr asked in his post.

"Thank you for being our army and fighting this battle with us."