Singer, songwriter, and worship leader Justin Warren has unveiled his inaugural holiday single, "The Gift of Christmas." 

Justin Warren's album cover

The track, co-written with GRAMMY-nominated Ian Eskelin and five-time Dove Award winner Tony Wood, exudes a nostalgic and joyful melody, capturing the spirit of the season.

"I love Christmas, and I love Christmas traditions," says Warren. "I can remember waking up early as a kid on Christmas Day, excited to dive into the presents. I'll never forget how every Christmas morning before we started opening gifts, my parents would sit us down, and my father would open up the Bible to Luke chapter two. He would read the account of Jesus' birth and remind me and my sisters that Jesus is the greatest gift ever given.

"Now I'm all grown up with three boys of my own, and I'm excited every Christmas morning to carry on this same tradition with them," continues Warren. "I wrote this song alongside Ian and Tony to serve as a reminder that Jesus is the true gift of Christmas."

The chorus of the song beautifully encapsulates the essence of Christmas, celebrating the joyful occasion and the gift of Jesus:

This is the gift of Christmas

This is good as it gets

A song of joy the angels sing

We can't forget

This is the heart of heaven

God's love on the move

A newborn king, a saviour sent

For me and you

This is the gift of Christmas

In addition to this Christmas single, Warren has previously released tracks like "Mile Marker 22," "My Heart Dances," and "For The Glory Of God." 

Justin Warren, who signed with Radiate Music in 2022, has already accumulated an impressive 1.6 million streams on Spotify. 

He shares stages with respected artists like Mercy Me, Sanctus Real, and Natalie Grant through his music. The core of his musical expression revolves around encouraging and reminding people of the hope found in Jesus. 

Warren on stage