A man has been denied a permit to read scripture using an amplifying device in southern Manitoba.

The individual asked the Portage La Prairie City Council to reconsider a request made for noise bylaw exemption after he was denied the permit after reading from the Bible on Saskatchewan Avenue and possibly other downtown area streets using an amplifying device.

City council made the decision to deny the request at this week's council meeting, and referenced clause 3.1.10 of its noise bylaw.

The portion of the bylaw referenced states that no person shall operate, play, or permit the operation or playing of any radio, television, phonograph, drum, musical instrument, loudspeaker, public address system, sound amplifier or similar device in a commercial district which produces, reproduces or amplifies sound in such a manner as to create a noise nuisance at a point of reception unless used for the purpose of advertising some patriotic or other public object and unless a permit has been issued by the City.

"From what the request was ... there were a group of people who are here for a month and they wanted to broadcast Bible readings throughout the downtown, and it goes against our bylaw," says Portage city counsellor Sharilyn Knox.

Knox says the City will continue to examine the situation.

"Definitely one that you know we have to look at. I mean there are circumstances where Council will approve noise in the downtown, depending on what the situation is or what the event is. But for this, it just didn't seem to fit that."