The Public Health Agency of Canada says 13 Manitobans have been infected with Salmonella after eating red onions imported from the United States.

After confirming a total of 114 cases of Salmonella directly from red onions imported from the U.S, the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is asking people in five western and central Canada provinces to not eat any red onions, or food products with red onions, imported from the U.S to Canada.

Those with red onions or red onion food products imported from the U.S. are being asked to dispose of the onions and disinfect the cupboards or shelves they were placed on.

British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario are all directly affected by the outbreak. One person in Prince Edward Island is reported to have contracted Salmonella, but officials believe he became infected while outside of the province. 

"The individual from Prince Edward Island reported travelling to Alberta before becoming ill," PHAC says in a statement.

The province adds that while Saskatchewan is not part of this investigation, they are asking residents to avoid red onions grown and imported from the U.S.

"Saskatchewan has not reported any confirmed illnesses related to this outbreak, but provincial public health authorities are investigating some Salmonella Newport illnesses in the province."

Restaurants and food retailers across Canada are being asked by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) to not use, sell or serve red onions or food with red onions that were imported from the U.S.

The outbreak is recorded as beginning in mid-June and continuing through mid-July. PHAC says 102 people became infected from the red onions and 16 were hospitalized. No one has reportedly died from the outbreak.

PHAC adds that it has affected people aged three to 100, with 56 per cent of those infected being female.

Common Salmonella symptoms include nausea, cramps, and fever.

Before purchasing red onions or food with red onions, PHAC asks shoppers to check the label and assure the food is not from the U.S. 

Red onions grown in Canada are not affected.