From a press conference in Brandon, Premier Brian Pallister is announcing the launch of Manitoba's "roadmap to recovery."

While the province notes the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, they are emphasizing the need to live with the virus as Manitoba prepares for an economic rebound.

“Public health and safety is a key driver of recovery, and as we continue to safely restart our economy and reopen our communities, we must learn to live with this virus,” Pallister says. “We are committed to being ready for what lies ahead – ready to live with COVID-19, ready to return to school, ready to restart our services, create jobs and grow our economy.”

Pallister believes that Manitobans are ready to "go to work" and that Manitobans are not powerless to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The province is rolling out its #RestartMB campaign with paid advertisements across Manitoba. 

The messaging of how to "live with the virus" is a key component of the campaign. 

“The past four months since COVID-19 arrived in Manitoba have been a period of rapid response and adaptation for programs and for public engagement,” Pallister says.

The first step to growth, according to the province's messaging is staying safe. In provincial messaging, they will be reminding Manitobans to follow health advice from public health officials.

The messaging additionally covers topics such as the Manitoba Gap Protection Program, Restoring Safe Schools, and growing the economy.

“We have done well and accomplished much, adapting as we go and working rapidly to respond. Now, we are focusing our message on the importance of public health fundamentals as we drive to recovery.”

The province says that Manitobans have a "collective role" to play in the economic recovery. 

Pallister says that he is proud of the work the Government of Manitoba has done and is praising the efforts of Manitobans throughout the pandemic.