1JustCity is helping Winnipeg's environment and the people in need in our city by crocheting plarn bags.

Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud, the Executive director at 1JustCity talks about making new plastic bags out of old plastic bags to help out the homeless people in Winnipeg.

Whitecloud explained that people without a home often carry all their belongings wherever they go, this means they often "carry everything on their back up 50kg.

 "A couple of years ago when we opened up our doors we didn't have any plastic mats to open with and so we had an opportunity to made them out of plastic bags." Unfortunately, 1JustCity is no longer allowed to use these mats so the organization thought to make them into knitted Plarn bags.

Plarn is a plastic yarn made out of plastic bags, this yarn is very earth friendly and keeps plastic bags out of landfills. "It takes hours to make the plarn so that is the hard part," says Whitecloud.

This plastic yarn is then crocheted into more durable bags for Winnipeggers.

These bags will be distributed to people in need through Oak table, West Broadway Community Services and St. Matthews Maryland Community Ministry.

Whitecloud says plarn is a great activity for the family and "its a cool way to get your family engaged in doing good for the environment and doing good for people in need in our city."