Recent events have the RCMP telling the public to be cautious when responding to alarms at work:

RCMP would like to emphasize the importance of taking precautionary measures when property owners or key-holders respond to residential or business alarms before the police arrive.

The RCMP says that when responding to an alarm people should have a look for any indicators that entry may have been attempted or gained to the residence or business, such as:

· broken windows
· broken locks
· open doors or gates
· tire tracks or foot prints

If you see any sign or indication that the home was broken into and don’t feel comfortable entering the property, please wait for police. Your personal safety always comes first.

“We have seen recent incidents, captured on surveillance cameras, where armed suspects break into properties, set-off an alarm and depart. Minutes after their departure, the owners arrive and enter, not knowing the potential danger they have just avoided,” said Sgt. Paul Manaigre of the Manitoba RCMP. “If you have any concerns when responding to an alarm, please wait for the police as we are trained and equipped to deal with these types of situations.”