The Manitoba Museum is moving the Nonsuch a little farther ahead in time.

The Nonsuch is getting a revitalization, beginning January 8th. As of that date, the ship will be closed to public viewing for the next few months. It's scheduled to re-open in summer 2018.

It's not only being renewed, it's also getting a new backstory.

The museum says, currently, their backstory places the Nonsuch in 1668 Deptford, England, waiting for high tide so it can embark on its journey to the new world -- a voyage that would eventually result in the launch of the Hudson's Bay Company. But after the renewal process, the ship will be making its return journey from Hudson's Bay back to England.

"The cargo hold would have been filled with furs from trading with the Cree of Hudson Bay. Imagine all the tales the sailors would have from their winter spent at the mouth of the Rupert River (modern-day Waskagnaish, Quebec)! We are planning to share many exciting stories with our visitors," says Amelia Fay, Curator of the HBC Museum Collection, in a news release.

As for the renewal, the museum says it will have minimal impacts on the ship itself, except for re-rigging it for historical accuracy and longevity.

"The Nonsuch ship is a beloved icon of the Museum. We sometimes call her a jewel, and as such, we would never fundamentally change the artifact itself, however, the setting of this jewel needs to be enhanced and updated for today’s audiences," says Claudette Leclerc, Executive Director & CEO, also in a news release.

The museum says the project is made possible through the Bringing Our Stories Forward Capital & Endowment Campaign.

Visitors are encouraged to take in the ship as it is while they can. From December 26th to January 7th, the ship's cargo hold will be open for tours.