The province has announced that they are taking additional measures to support childcare providers as they face COVID-19 challenges.

Childcare services across the province will be seeing the benefits of a $27.6 million investment, including an $18 million investment to help early childcare educators affected by the suspension of school offer child-care services in their homes or communities.

The grant money is to be used to purchase essential supplies such as first aid kits or child care necessities such as mats.

“This pandemic requires all Manitobans to change how they live their daily lives, but it is clear that we are all willing to work together to find solutions,” Families Minister Heather Stefanson says. "In this time of uncertainty and challenge, we are working in partnership with child-care providers to find creative solutions in the community.”

Children of health-care and other essential workers will be given priority in daycare centers that can now only hold 16 spots.

The goal of the investment is to assist those providing front-line services to find childcare. The province adds that they are also encouraging daycare centers to reimburse parents for the days they cannot send their children to the center due to the new restrictions on childcare spots.