The monarch butterfly population is way down this year but one enthusiast says Manitobans can help save them.

Sara Carpenter is one of the administrators for Manitoba Monarch Mission on Facebook. 

"[Monarch Butterflies] are not doing great right now," says Carpenter. "Their numbers are down 59 per cent since last year. Basically with not having enough milkweed and the hot summer we had last year, their numbers were not very good, unfortunately."

An easy way Manitobans can help the monarch butterfly population is simply planting milkweed in their yards and gardens. 

"When they are caterpillars they grow 2000 times their original size in two weeks. In the spring they travel from Mexico and lay eggs on the way. Those babies go further north, all the way to Manitoba to have more babies up here. In the fall they travel almost 4,000 km back to Mexico over the winter."

Once the caterpillars cocoon and become butterflies, they enjoy any nectar from flowers that naturally grow in Manitoba. For more info, people can find Manitoba Monarch Mission here