After hitting rock bottom a young mom from Alberta is creating a brand new future for her and her daughter with a leadership program in Brandon, Man.

"In February of 2020, I ended up in a really bad situation. I was homeless, addicted to drugs, and without my child," says Maleigha Cox. 

At that time, her family suggested that Cox seek help at Adult & Teen Challenge in Brandon, Man. as that is where the women's centre is. After a series of divine interventions, Cox was on a plane bound for the centre while her daughter Eliza stayed with her parents in Alberta. 

"When I started the program I was really hurting and lost. I had a teen pregnancy that I didn't know how much it affected my life up to that point. I slowly started working through that with the leaders and a reintroduction into the love of God and how that can redeem you."

That life-changing revelation started to heal her heart as well as began to prepare her to be a mother again.

"[Having my daughter with my parents] was really inspiring to me and gave me a reason to do my program. I walked into the program already not having much to do with my daughter, because of the nature of addiction. At least when I was stepping into the program I was taking a step towards eventually being able to have her."

Cox's parents, Connie and Davis had prayed over their daughter and granddaughter throughout the time and trusted that the Lord was working in their lives. 

"At first I didn't know what it meant to be a mom. God just really showed me in my heart that that's what He had placed there, that He had placed her with me for that purpose. That year was discovering a true mother's heart. The distance was hard but well worth it," she says. 

Six months into the year-long program Cox considered her next steps, feeling led to stay at Adult & Teen Challenge to do the SURGE program, which is an additional year and a half long leadership program. 

"It meant that I would start looking at moving my daughter here to Manitoba from Alberta. That was an interesting thing to think about and maneuver as a single mom who hasn't ever lived a successful lifestyle."

In the past month, Cox has graduated from the ATC program and stepped into the SURGE program, this time living in a house with her daughter, provided by the program and donors. 

"Up to this point, our facility wasn't really equipped that well for moms and their young children. Right on time, which is such God's timing, we were able to renovate this little house, the donations came in and it worked so perfectly. It's a place we can call our own, separate from the women," says Cox.

She has it all to herself, with her daughter Eliza, and it's a two-bedroom home with a small living space and bathroom. 

"I have such a great community around me to help me, support me and help with her to raise her to go in the right way." 

Cox sees and appreciates the role her parents played in the last year on her journey to sobriety.

"They were absolutely crucial to the success of my program and even bringing my daughter here. They've been integral and God has shown me His love through them."