The entire population of Gaza, roughly two million people, is on the brink of famine and MCC is facing delays in delivering food aid by truck.

The main issue MCC is facing is getting through the borders into Gaza to bring food relief. 

"It's an unprecedented humanitarian crisis," says Darryl Loewen, the Executive Director of MCC Manitoba. "The residents of Gaza have their movements restricted by the state of Israel and the IDF. War has displaced nearly three-quarters of Gaza's population and at least half are living with an acute emergency food crisis."

This is the most rapidly occurring famine in the history of human conflict, according to Loewen. The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) has been in Gaza and Israel for decades responding to displaced persons. 

"The situation in Gaza is dire and we are so thankful to be able to provide this relief to families who are in a desperate situation. We are having a real material impact for these families, but do not want to downplay how severe the crisis is for most families in Gaza," says Sarah Funkhouser, MCC representative for Jordan, Palestine, and Israel in a news release. 

MCC is planning to send five more shipments of emergency food to support 2,000 families to help approximately 12,000 individuals over the course of this project. This project is part of a $1.6 million project funded through MCC's account at Canadian Foodgrains Bank and includes funds from the Humanitarian Coalition as well as the government of Canada.

"The obstacle here is a very slow-moving inspection by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and most are turned back for seemingly arbitrary reasons. None of the MCC trucks have been turned back. This is the first one to arrive on March 19. It's a very slow process, weeks long."

MCC continues to ask for people to pray for the situation and act where they can. 

"The ways for Manitobans to help can also begin with advocacy," says Loewen. "Call, write, email your local Members of Parliament and urge the Canadian government for an enduring cease-fire. We're grateful (for the funds) that have come and that which may yet. When folks are praying, our MCC reps Sarah Funkhouser and her husband Seth Malone, have been working feverishly in their office in East Jerusalem. Prayers for Sarah and Seth would be warmly invited."