When a child thinks they can rule over their parents, they have their work cut out for them! What seems impossible, God makes possible. 

Lucille Williams is a national speaker who has ministered to couples and families for over 25 years. She is also the author of, The Impossible Kid: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child with Love and Grace.  

Lucille knows how difficult it can be to raise children. She had an impossible kid, the inspiration for her book.

"She's a wonderful mom and woman and wife now, but as a kid, she was that kid that you would say, don't touch that socket. And she just looked at you and said, are you daring me? And then she would touch it," Lucille explained. "But through my experiences and learning to be a better parent, we figured out how to raise an impossible kid."

Williams says that when it comes to parenting, the best place to go for advice is God. 

"I found that so many times when I would go to God, God would go. Whoa, calm down. Wait a minute. Remember when you did this?" said Lucille. " When we seek God first and go, God, what am I supposed to do? He will direct us in whatever it is." 

Being involved in ministry and married to the children's pastor, Lucille says she always had to be on, and when her children would act up, she tried to stick her head in the sand. 

"But you know, kids are kids, and sometimes you need to make the decision, do I want to look like a good parent? Or do I want to be a good parent?"

For Lucille, being a good parent was more important. She says looking to God for advice and being present for her kids helped her along the way.

"There is just so much humour in the Bible. When it comes to parenting, we can be so serious," said Lucille. "Yes, it's important, but sometimes we need to look for the funny and breath."

Today on Connections, Lucille shares how anything is possible when it comes to parenting.