A Winnipeg family is praising God after their family businesses were spared in a massive fire that sent plumes of smoke into Point Douglas.

In the early morning of Wednesday, July 4, Christian McMurray was awoken by his mom telling him that the space that his family had been renting for 15 years to store everything they use for their three family businesses was on fire.

"Immediately, I felt a little bit of a sinking feeling. I didn't know what to think of it," said McMurray. "We just realized that if there was a fire at our shop location, this could be something bad."


Fire sutherland

His dad rushed to the scene on Sutherland Avenue near Maple Street North, where he found the building engulfed in flames. He let his family know it was a bad fire, but the good news was that the fire had started at the opposite end from where they stored their supplies.

"My dad was able to work with the firefighters to pull out all of our vehicles and salvage whatever he could," said McMurray. "After that point, it was up to the firefighters to put out the fire."

Christian had several jobs lined up that day. While heading to his first site in the morning, he heard a call out for prayer for the fire on CHVN 95.1FM.

"I just had so much hope in my heart from that moment, knowing that this was going to be a bit of a testing of our faith," said Christian. "I called up our church family as well, asking for prayer and petition for the family."

Christian said he knew God was there to guide them through this difficult time.  

"I just knew whatever was going to come, God was ultimately in control of us and our futures, even if the whole thing went up in flames and burnt down. We had hope and faith in Jesus. That's what I love about our God. He is so trustworthy and faithful. Just by reading his word over the years, I knew that whatever happened, we'd be okay."


Firefighters worked for 12 hours to get the blaze under control.

"What ended up happening is that the fire that destroyed the rest of the building ended up stopping at the portion of the building that was ours," Christian explained. "When I was there watching the fire being extinguished. I was just so in awe and worship of God, seeing that he had protection and this absolute supernatural ability to protect those who praise his name. Our family was just jaw dropped on the scene."

Christian says although they were able to salvage 90 percent of their equipment and business assets, the family is now on the hunt for a new building to rent. 

Anyone interested in helping the family as they search for a new warehouse can contact Christian at christian_mcmurray@hotmail.com.

"We are just so grateful and thankful that God has spared the little that we did have so that we can follow him in the next steps for the life of our family and the life of our business. We were praising you while the fire was burning, and we continue to praise you afterwards."