A spokesperson for Manitoba Public Insurance says it is an urban myth that Autopac coverage is void if a motorist is involved in a collision on a closed highway.

Some major highways in southern Manitoba have been closed on two separate occasions since Christmas as the result of stormy weather. But Brian Smiley says if someone chooses to venture out onto a highway that is closed, they will still have insurance, provided they have a valid Autopac policy.

Smiley says he doesn't know where the myth started, but it is something they have been hearing over the last few years. And, he doesn't know how things work in private insurance jurisdictions.

But, just because you won't lose your insurance, doesn't mean you won't still be lighter in the wallet if you decide to gamble by driving down a closed highway. According to RCMP, motorists can be ticketed. The fine is approximately $240.

The decision to close a highway is made by RCMP. It considers such factors as the number of calls for service, road conditions and visibility.