The final games of the 2017 Junior Curling Provincial Championship have ended and we want to say congratulations to the winners!

The final games have ended at the Canola Junior Provincial Championships.

Junior Women's Provincial Champions

Laura Burtnyk - AMCC (Hailey Ryan, Sara Oliver, Rebecca Cormier and coach Scott Grant)


Kristy Watling - East St. Paul (Jenna Boisvert, Ashley Groff, Jenny Greig and coach Jim Watling)

by a score of 8-7

Junior Men's Provincial Champions

Braden Calvert - Granite (Colton Lott, Kyle Doering, Rob Gordon and coach Tom Clasper)


JT Ryan - AMCC (Jacques Gauthier, Graham McFarlane, Brendan Bilawaka, Kyle Allenby and coach John Lund)

by a score of 7-3