Two days before releasing new music the Christian band I AM THEY announced their lead singer Abbie Parker is leaving the band. 

"Several months ago, Abbie stepped out of the band to pursue new opportunities in her life," says I AM THEY on September 7 on Facebook. 

Parker joined the band in 2015, replacing a former vocalist during the band's first year of touring. 

"Abbie is committed and gives every ounce of herself to her craft. She a creative force and a strong, thoughtful leader. She is also an incredibly gifted vocalist and a brilliant songwriter. Simply put, the music of I AM THEY would not be what it is without the talents that Abbie has contributed through the years."

The split seems to be mutual as Parker is moving into a career as a vocal coach, helping singers on their own journeys. 

"We have shared a lot of memories together, been through a lot of hardships together, traveled a lot of places together…and through it all, we have had unbelievable opportunities to see God do some really amazing things together."

I AM THEY released a new EP, Chapel Sessions, on September 9 with four new singles. The songs feature Cheyenne Mitchell, although the band hasn't commented as to whether she will be replacing Parker in the band or not. 

"We are deeply thankful for the time that we’ve shared and the countless memories that we’ve made with you, Abbie! We are excited to see what the future holds for you!"