Growing up, acting was not on the radar for Cameron Arnett. God, however, had a different plan.

"I was a pre-med pre-law student in college back in the day and happened to enter a couple of different competitions. I ended up winning, like, 8 out of 10 of them. And it just took me in a different trajectory or totally different arena, which is arts and entertainment."

From Miami to New York, New York to California, and California to Atlanta, Arnett experienced plenty.

"When I was in California, what happened was that I was doing a lot of episodic and movie of the weeks. I had just finished coming from a movie of the week in Toronto, Canada, shooting one up there. And my manager called me and said, hey, they want to see you for this new pilot. They really like you for it."

Arnett travelled back to Los Angeles, auditioned for the role and got it. As he read over his contract, they told him they wanted him to do partial body nudity. 

"I was already a Christian. I said no, I can't do that. And, of course, all hell broke loose," said Arnett. "I lost everything, went bankrupt. You know, the whole shebang. And I got blackballed in that Hollywood thing."

This led him down yet another path, pastoring. For two decades, Arnett spent his time working in the church before God brought him back to filmmaking on the Christian side in 2013. 

"One of the things God did with me back in California was that he taught me what acting was all about," said Arnett. " The same principles that govern acting on screen or stage govern acting as a Christian."

Arnett has a very busy schedule these days. His latest projects include Running the Bases and Angels Unaware, both of which can be found on Pureflix.

"Don't be afraid to obey God because, in the beginning, it may look like you're lost. But all you're doing is casting a seed that he's gonna flourish beyond your wildest dreams and imaginations. You have to lose this life so that you can have the life that he intended. And that's what it's all about."

Today on Connections, Cameron talks about his journey into acting. He'll also discuss his latest projects on Pureflix.