Rugby star Israel Folau has raised so much money, he has had to request that people stop contributing their financial support.

Folau is currently engaged in a legal conflict with Rugby Australia, following what he believes was a discriminatory termination of his contract with the league earlier this year.

The former Wallabies player was sacked by RA after he made a post to his Instagram page stating that "hell awaits" sinners, listing gay people and drunks among other types of sins.

After GoFundMe, an online fundraising site, shut down his page for not aligning with their company policy of inclusion, Folau was offered a platform to raise funds for his legal defense by the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL).

The funding campaign has since amassed over $2 million (AUS) in donations in less than two days. Over 20,000 people have contributed to his cause.

Having asked for help reaching a total of $3 million (ASU), Folau has since requested that his supporters press "the pause button" on their giving, reports Premier. ACL reports that Folau has raised enough to cover the extent of his legal costs.

The managing director of ACL, Martyn Iles, said in a statement that the outpouring of support for Folau has been "staggering in its size and speed.

"This is an unprecedented outpouring of support which cannot be ignored," continued Iles. "Politicians are watching, Rugby Australia is watching, corporate bullies are watching, and those who think it's ok to make people suffer for their beliefs are watching.

Should additional funds be required, the fundraiser will reopen, ACL announced, while any unused funds will be returned to the original donors proportionately.

"This has become a movement of quiet people who have found their voice. Many of them serve God, many of them love freedom, all of them stand with Israel Folau," stated Iles.