As children spend more time online, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection is finding that they are receiving more reports of child exploitation., the tipline for Canadian Centre for Child Protection's (C3P), has seen children using Livestream services being targeted by adults, as well as over 300 reports have come from online gaming.

Signy Arnason, the associate executive director, C3P, says it is important for parents to converse about online safety with their children.

“It is imperative that we work collectively to raise awareness and mitigate risks surrounding online safety concerns facing tweens and teens,” Arnason says.

Next week, C3P will be beginning a new campaign, specifically for parents and caregivers of preteens. C3P's new educative program will be focusing on children aged eight to 12. The program will be looking at live-stream apps, gaming platforms and live chat features, and teaching children how to protect themselves on the platforms.

The province is partnering with C3P to share its initiative with Manitoba's youth.

"We are proud to partner with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection on this campaign, which highlights the importance of checking in with your kids regularly, setting limits, and knowing how to identify potential dangers,” Families Minister Heather Stefanson says.

C3P's campaign is aimed at educating children on how to safely participate in the online world. 

“It is important for parents to have the information and tools they need about online safety so they can have important conversations with their children about staying safe online. "

Television, print, digital and social media tools will be launching, urging parents to converse with children about safety. Additional information and resources are available on an educative website. C3P says the campaign will feature age-appropriate points to talk for tweens and teens.

"It is important for parents and educators to have these online safety conversations at every age in order to keep kids safe,” Arnason says.

The program will also be available for educators with free lesson plans available online.

The Government of Manitoba says that the partnership stems from a promise made in March. They say Tracia’s Trust: Manitoba’s Sexual Exploitation Strategy and the Collaboration and Best Practices to End Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation report, showed them that there was a need for increased public awareness about sexual exploitation as well as potential resists to youth in Manitoba.