With the May long weekend behind us, many avid gardeners in Manitoba have started planting. However, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada is encouraging Manitobans to hold off a little while longer. 

With a forecasted low of just three degrees Wednesday evening, Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, Natalie Hasell says there is a risk for frost. 

"It might not seem that way looking at what's considered normal temperatures for this time of year. But remember, the normal temperatures are a mathematical average, so there are colder periods and other periods have been warmer," said Hasell. "The risk of frost in the later part of May is not unusual."  

Hasell says along with cooler temperatures this week, we can also expect to see some more precipitation. 

"I'm not a gardener, but I do know a lot of people who wait," said Hasell. "If you've got indoor plants, you can start hardening them off gently during the day. I wouldn't suggest planting anything until the middle of next week at the earliest."

According to Hasell, most models have Winnipeg and southern Manitoba warming up by the middle of next week.