Christians are responding to care for those who have been impacted by the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 81 people in Indonesia earlier this month.

As of Tuesday, the search for survivors of the Jan. 15 disaster continued, Mission Network News reports.

A leader with Asian Access says more than 1,000 homes were also damaged in the earthquake.

Local and international first responders worked together to search for any survivors amidst the rubble in areas that were worst hit, the International Red Cross reports.

Disasters since the initial earthquake -- landslides, flooding, and volcanic eruption -- have stretched resources thin and made efforts at recovery more difficult.

The West Sulawesi earthquake remains the most pressing emergency, however, as more than 10,000 people are expected to require evacuation due to damage to their homes.

The Asian Access leader says fear is present as survivors stay together in emergency housing put together by the government. There are worries about more disasters and COVID-19.

Asian Access is one organization working to send help to survivors in Indoneisa by sending its network of pastors and church leaders.

"We are together trying to help the people in the earthquake location through the network with fellow servant[s] of God," the organization leader says.

The organization hopes to send money for those who have lost their homes to purchase things they need and to see those needs met around the location of the disaster.

Indonesia has the highest Muslim population in the world with 87 per cent of their population professing to be followers of Islam. Asian Access has been partnering with believers there since 2018.

In the time they've been present in Indonesia, the organization has worked alongside believers to train local leaders and plant churches.

This month's earthquake is far from the first Indonesia has experienced. While tragic, these disasters give aid organizations like Asian Access an opportunity to share the love and hope of Christianity.

"We need believers from outside Indonesia to pray for us. Pray God’s people will unite to help [and] show love to the affected communities," the Asian Access leader says.